Some reflections about this website

Some while back I published a poster of text abbreviations to my blog. It was an experiment in typography and reference material. Since then I’ve been consistently surprised by the amount of traffic that single post gets. I’ve been reviewing the poster lately and I’ve found some typos and other mistakes, so I decided to make some changes.

Well, one thought led to another and here we are. “Here” is a continued experiment in typography and reference material, HTML5, and user experience. That said, I hope it’s also helpful to someone else besides me.

If you find that I’m missing some abbreviations, please let me know.

The original poster was published with this preface

This somewhat long list is founded in the spirit of the amateur, by which it is meant simply that it was created for the love of it, and for which the author begs your understanding as it is no doubt in err, but may yet serve you in your continued journey of illumination in a culture, inundated by new modes of speech, which seem, for the most part, to tend towards brevity.

Victoria, Lkwungen Territory

We’re surrounded by the Salish Sea.